How to upload new products
Product description

The detailed information appeared in the product description section will definitely boost the sales of the particular product. We actually found that products with good descriptions tend to sell faster than products without descriptions or details.

We strongly suggest that you should add ingredient facts (photo), expiry date, origin of product (e.g. Made in Australia), certified status (if any) as the product description. Please be sure to provide the right information or the system will temporarily suspend the listing that contains irrelevant brand or hashtag.

Please note that the personal contact (e.g. mobile, Wechat ID, etc) and store contact (e.g. address, Facebook page, etc) should not be uploaded and appeared. We will notify the seller about the removal of listing from the website if the listing violates our policies. 

Product listing limit

There is no listing limit at this moment, in other words, you can list your products on sale unlimitedly as long as they comply with our terms. 

However we do limit an upload space of 100 MB for a shop by default. If you have experienced errors/warnings while uploading a new product, please check the size of existing products media (e.g. photos, videos if any) to see if it’s too large to be used. You may consider to resize some of the oversized media to gain back some spaces for your new product.

You may send us the request to increase the upload space upon reaching your store space limit. *Note that activation is done on selection basis. 

Product suspension
Transaction fee

No transaction fee will be imposed. 

Shop hours

You are given no options to add the opening and closing hours for your shop, however, you can turn on vacation mode when you are away.

If you are unable to process the orders during your vacation, you may stop the buyer from ordering. Simply goto seller portal, look for “Vacation Mode”, select “Disable Purchase During Vacation”.


Buyer will be notified by the system email about the invoice upon successful transaction.

Alternatively you can check it from the buyer portal.

Supported Payment Methods
Seller's pay out

Sellers may initiate the request for payment disbursement. The minimum balance to be withdrawn is set to RM 10. 

The threshold for withdrawal will be set to 2 days after the order has completed with payment made. 

Sellers must provide their existing account details within the shop settings. Payments will be processed and credited to your local bank account without any charges by online bank transfer.  

Courier service provider

We do not restrict seller from using any courier service provider. The shipment date will be determined solely by the collaboration between you (seller) and the courier company. 

We advise that you should arrange a fast delivery, typically to ship out within a day or two after the order was received since consumers are happy if the parcel turns up as soon as possible. 

Please check with your courier service provider about the maximum accepted actual weight / volumetric weight and dimensions if any. For instance, Poslaju only accepts the parcel with maximum weight of 30kg.

Combine shipment

If you buy products from two different sellers who prepare their own package, shipment combination is not possible as the seller will ship to you from different locations. 

On the other hand, if you purchase multiple products at once from the same seller, you can request the seller to combine the shipment which may reduce shipping costs, before the seller has shipped out the order.

Shipping cost

Seller will need to ship out the parcel using your own courier service provider. As such the pricing of these services will be determined solely by the collaboration between you (seller) and the courier company.

We encourage seller to use Poslaju service. As of 29 July 2019, the shipping rate for Peninsular Malaysia is set to RM6.30 for first 2kg. 

View the video for more info.

Packaging materials
Estimated arrival time of parcel
Order contains multiple units of an item but only one is damaged
To return item to seller

Once the seller or the disputed team has confirmed the return request, you should pack the item and return it to the seller within 3 days from the date of approval of the return request through any courier companies.

Please provide us the order ID / return request ID, name of courier company, tracking number or consignment note. The return request will be cancelled if the item is not shipped out within the stipulated period and the payment will be released to seller.

To receive refund

Once we have completed the inspection of your return application and approved your return request, we will automatically initiate the refund process. You will be notified by email.

Credit card payments will be refunded to the respective credit card. Under normal circumstances, it will be completed by the issuing bank within approximately 14 business days of the standard operating procedures.

All payments made by means other than credit cards (such as bank transfers, online banking, mobile wallets) will be refunded accordingly.

Non-refundable conditions
  1. The corresponding product has not been sent back to the merchant within 3 days (use tracking number as proof) after the customer service department refund confirmation.
  2. Products delivered to the merchant do not include all original accessories, packaging, and any items are not new, i.e. have deliberate cracks, dents or scratches.
  3. No legal proof of purchase or receipt, or reasonably considered to be forged or falsified.
  4. Any product damage is caused by unauthorised use or modification of the product, including exposure to moisture, foreign matter (water, oil, sand, etc.), or improper installation or operation.
  5. Product labels, serial numbers, waterproof markings, security markings, etc. show signs of tampering or alteration.
  6. Any product damage caused by external factors beyond our control, including fires, floods, winds and lightning strikes.
Supporting documents for refund request

1. No order received
This refers to the buyer does not receive the item or receives an incomplete order. In this case, the buyer does not need to provide any documents.

On the other hand, we recommend the seller to provide the following proof so that we can check the current tracking status with the courier service provider:
– Official shipping record (i.e. delivery receipt and tracking number, if any).
– Photo of parcel package/information, including shipping company information, tracking number, seller and buyer name, contact number and shipping address.

Nonetheless, our dispute team will notify the buyer and reject the request if the item is still in transit. If the item is indeed lost in transit (without tracking status updates for more than two weeks), the buyer will be refunded and the seller is advised to claim the lost package from own courier service provider.

2. Incomplete / Wrong / Expired order received
Proof that such claims usually require:
– Proof of the illustration (the physical item is damaged, the consignment note of the received item, the picture of all items received in the package)
– Chat or show any other evidence previously negotiated with the seller

Since the seller is responsible for returning the product due to fault, damage and/or expired product, the seller must bear the return shipping cost provided that the buyer provides the return shipping consignment note and the unconsumed item are successfully delivered to the seller. Alternatively, seller can choose to make a refund to the buyer or to dispute the buyer’s claim by providing relevant reasoning with proof.

It is worth noting that when both seller and buyer are disputing for the party liable for the return shipping fee, we at its sole discretion will determine the party liable for the return shipping fee.

To raise disputes

If you encounter any trading problems, we encourage buyers and sellers to communicate directly. Through open communication, most disputes can be resolved quickly and amicably.

However, if consensus cannot be reached, users can write to us for help.

The seller may raise a dispute under the following circumstances:
– If the buyer’s return/refund request is unreasonable or different from the previously agreed
– If the seller does not receive the item to be returned and the default refund deadline is coming soon

Handling the disputes

We will attempt to complete the investigation within 5 working days from the date of the seller’s dispute. At the same time, the seller and the buyer need to keep track the case by email in order to clarify the evidence submitted or to submit additional evidence.

Once the conclusion is reached, our dispute panel will notify the buyer and seller of the status of the case by email. If the refund request is successful, the buyer will be issued a payment. If the refund request fails, the seller will then receive the payment.

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