Delivery Information


1. Orders typically ship within 3 working days. Shipping times vary based on the individual store and destination.

2. The shipping price associated with each item is displayed at checkout. The cost varies depending on the size, weight and destination of your order. Since items may ship from multiple stores, shipping costs are applied separately by item ordered.

3. Your order could ship from a variety of locations depending on the store's location.

4. Before placing your order, you can change the shipping address directly in your shopping cart. Kindly ensure your shipping address is accurate as amendments are not permitted after the order number is generated.


1. You are required to despatch the order to the buyer within 3 working days after the order has placed.

2. You hereby agree and undertaken to ensure that Goods delivered are the right product, good condition and merchandisable quality.

3. The packaging of products to be borne by the seller at the seller’s cost.

4. You are to ensure product delivered to correct shipping address accordance to invoice on the Website.

5. You are to follow up and update the status of delivery to provide seamless services to buyers.

6. In the event you failed to provide the product as described on the Website and as ordered by the buyer and necessitating an exchange, the cost involved in order to effect the exchange will be fully borne by you and will be debited from the amount of the sale price due to be remitted to you.